Club & Volunteer Development

Club and Volunteer Development

In partnership with the Office for Recreation and Sport, the Club and Volunteer Development Officer (CVDO) role has been created by the Renmark Paringa Council to provide support and direction to local community groups, clubs and associations. The Club and Volunteer Development Office role enables community groups, clubs and associations within the Renmark Paringa district to have a direct person whom they can contact regarding all of their council enquiries, including lease enquiries, funding and licencing, and matters requiring support.

The Club and Volunteer Development role aims to achieve the following outcomes for these groups, clubs and associations; for them to be well managed, sustainable, better able to meet their legislative requirements, be financially stable, have a strong membership base and have access to and retain volunteers.

Regular workshops and training sessions on relevant topics will be held with representatives from groups, clubs and associations invited to attend and with specialists invited to present them. Other supports and resources that this role will provide to groups, clubs and associations include; mentoring, suppling information, direction to resources, financial incentives, and access to skilled professionals.

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Club & Volunteer Development Workshops


 Essentials for Coaching Children Workshop


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‘Help your Community Group or Club to a path of Success’

The STARCLUB Development Program has been designed for use by Community groups and clubs of all sizes. The program will be valuable for your organisation whether you believe your group or club is already a STARCLUB or has some work to do. It is free and open to all organisations to participate in. Information in the STARCLUB program is specific to current South Australian legislation and is updated regularly to reflect state and national best practice in club and organisation development.


Strategic Planning Meeting Invitation

Strategic Planning Meeting Template


‘Help your Community Group Thrive’

A Volunteer management tool for Community Groups, clubs and associations. Volunteers- Find them, Keep them, Back them! V-Star is free and open to all organisations to participate in and features a 5 minute analysing quiz, actions/tasks to tick and flick into an action plan and information and templates to download, edit and customize to suit your club.

For further information please contact:

Karlie Rice, Club and Volunteer Development Officer (CVDO)
Chaffey Community Centre, 86 Nineteenth Street, Renmark SA 5341
M 0455 532 966 
08 8580 3096

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Monday – Thursday, 8.30am - 4.00pm

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