Annual Business Plan and Budget

Annual Business Plan & Budget 2016/17

ABP 2016/17                            ABP 2016/17 Summary

The Renmark Paringa Council has adopted its Annual Business Plan and Budget for 2016/17. In 206/17 Council is budgeting for an Operating Surplus of $11,000. This is in on target with the Long Term Financial Plan target for 2016/17.

Council has seen the operating deficit reduced by over $550,000 since 2010-11 (2010-11: $705,515 to 2015-16: $142,629). Significant work has taken place in the last 12 months that will continue to support this trend:

  • Participating in the development of the G3 Riverland Alliance, which has delivered measured financial savings for Renmark Paringa Council
  • Undertaking operational reviews of service delivery to reduce expenses and overheads
  • Implementing improved environmental sustainability of Council buildings. Specifically, the installation of solar PV system to the Community, McCormick and Civic Centre
  • Updating and endorsement of the Infrastructure and Asset Management Plan.

In 2016-17 Council is committed to undertaking projects that focus on maintaining or upgrading the community’s existing assets or on projects that enable Council to leverage its resources to attract further investment.

Projects funded in the Annual Business Plan for 2016-17 include:

  • Darnley Taylor Park Masterplan Design ($30,000)
  • Stormwater Upgrades – Eighteenth Street to Hisgrove Road ($400,000)
  • Renmark South-West Gateway                Beautification ($85,000)
  • 3IP Waste Water Treatment Plant and
    Irrigation Upgrades - renew/upgrade some of Council’s irrigation assets and expand
    treated wastewater reuse ($1,008,752 )
  • Tracks & Trails Strategy Works—Bookmark Creek Trail  ($15,000).
  • Industrial & Transport Hub Expansion—Calperum Industrial Estate ($55,000)
  • Urban Design Framework ($60,000)

Council has seen a budget turnaround of over $700,000, from a  deficit  in 2010-11 of $705,515 to a 2016-17 budgeted surplus position of $11,000. 

All projects proposed for 2016/17 will be undertaken without the need for Council to borrow additional funds. This will ensure that Council’s existing low debt position will remain.

While Council is focused on achieving an operating surplus by 2017-18 it is also conscious of cost pressures that the area is facing, and in particular the effects these are having on residents and businesses.

In 2016-17 the Council’s forecasted average residential rates for the average Capital Value of $221,206 is as follows;

2015/16 RPC Residential Average* $858
2016/17 RPC Redidential Average* $887
2015/16 State average dollar value of rate increase for residential properties* $42 (or $0.80 per week)
2016/17 RPC average dollar value of rate increase for residential propertiesZ*


(or $0.55 per week)










* Excluding CWMS and Waste Management Charges

The adopted average rate increase ensures that the Renmark Paringa Council remains as one of the lowest rating Councils in South Australia.

The Council Service Charges for 2016/17 will be:

  • Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS): $410 per unti
  • Waste Management Charge for in-town collection: $258
  • Waste Management Charge for rural collection: $200
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